System panels

Quality System Panels for your Home or Office Space

If you’ve been looking for a great way to revitalise your space, whether it’s in the home or at your office, you’ve come to the right place. The system panel range that we have available for our customers is sure to impress, and will most certainly add a stylish look to wherever you decide to install them.

The surfaces that have been carefully selected by MEISTER will transform any space into something truly spectacular. Also, with a brand name that holds such a high regard for dealing with only the best quality materials, you can rest assured what you receive is nothing short of sensational. Having built up a reputation within the industry for forward-thinking and innovation, you’re in great hands when you choose to use MEISTER.

A wide variety of products and services under one roof

One of the main focuses we have here at Paveezzi is delivering our customers the very best in quality, and providing a premium service without the price tag to match. Further to the system panels that you see here, we also offer so much more. From wood and decorative panels to design flooring and much more, we make sure to go above and beyond for our customers each and every time.

Find out more and place your order today

We are happy to arrange shipping to many different cities throughout Australia. If you have any questions regarding the MEISTER system panels we have available, or would like to discuss your project needs further, please call us on 1800 728 394 today.

System panels SP 400 | Brilliantly practical.

| Groove-Groove panel with integrated quick-installation tongue and attractive visible joint
| 7 real wood surfaces (Veneer manufactured using the Fineline process)
| 11 Terracell surfaces
| 1 magnetic surface
| Real wood veneered or Terracell-covered
| Terragen base board
| Suitable for humid rooms (Terracell surface only)
| Fixing by quick-installation tongue and countersunk head screws 3.0 × 30mm
| Thickness: 15mm
| Width: 300mm
| Lengths: 840 | 2600mm (magnetic element: 840mm)

System panels SP 150

| Groove-groove panel
| 6 surfaces
| With milled, finished head
| Covered with decorative film
| MDF base board E1
| Suitable for humid rooms
| Thickness: 15mm
| Width: 150mm
| Length: 840mm