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Parquetry Flooring in Melbourne

Come home every day to a beautiful home, or arrive every morning to a stunning and attractive workspace with our help. Parquetry floors from Melbourne’s Paveezzi the Art of Living combines reliability, durability, ease of installation and stunning design in one package. Available in a variety of materials, finishes and patterns, our parquetry flooring is where the best interior designers start from the ground up. Able to seamlessly integrate an old-world feeling into your home our parquet flooring patterns add class to homes around Melbourne. No matter your existing interior design our flawless and precisely engineered parquet flooring is your best choice for an expressive flooring option.

Whether you’re looking for the classic stylings of our plank floors, or the thoroughly modern look of square patterned flooring, we have everything you need. With a product thickness of 5mm, these flooring units fit perfectly under doors and are sublime when partnered with underfloor heating and the proper underlay.

Engineered Parquet Flooring

Easily clicking together with no more tools than a lightweight hammer for tapping the units into place and an electric saw for shortening units, these are an easy DIY solution to getting all the benefits of a full timber plank floor without the cost of installation.

Available in sizes from 50mm up to 4m long, we have a flooring solution for every property and every property-owner. Browse our range online to find the parquetry floors for your home or business.

German flooring excellence combined with Australian know-how

Paveezzi the Art of Living are proud suppliers of Meister-Werke floors, the product of 75 years of continual growth and excellence. Made from only the finest timbers including maple, ash, beech, larch, elm and oak, their engineered floors are works of art that suit all properties. With a complementary range of flooring and available in a wide range of styles and colours, any home can become beautiful when you add Meister-Werke.

We invite you to browse our range at our Abbotsford, Melbourne showroom and discover for yourself the beauty of German-made parquetry flooring. Call our office today on 1800 PAVEZI (1800 728 394) or email your enquiry through to At Paveezzi we strive to provide our customers with the highest levels of parquet timber flooring excellence. For the best in Melbourne timber flooring trust our professionals.

Parquet flooring Square

The square, like herringbone, is one of the very classic installation techniques with parquet. What was once only laid in a small format is interprete ...

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Installation and care instructions

If you want to know how to install our parquet flooring PQ 500, please look here.

Parquet Plank formats

Our Longlife parquet has real format – from the room-sized 1-strip plank over four metres long to the fine herringbone strip of 50 centimetres. And in between?

Parquet and wood floor coverings

Our surface finishes with high quality oils or varnishes accentuate the respective wood's character and provide permanent protection. Special finishing methods, such as the brushing, liming and smoking of woods, make it even more expressive.

Click connection

Install patented parquet for click parquet and our click laminate. You can feel the special quality of MEISTER parquet and laminate flooring. Click the two elements of a MEISTER floor together. You will feel slight resistance first of all. Then the floor with slot in with a firm click.

Parquet with HDF middle layer

A special quality feature with all MEISTER parquet flooring is the special glued HDF middle layer.

Installing parquet

Find out here how to install our parquet flooring

Sustainably successful

MeisterWerke implements sustainability across the board. The MeisterWerke companies take a holistic approach to corporate success. While many companies only translate this into environmental protection, MeisterWerke has been committed to all three dimensions of this issue, ecology, economy and social responsibility, long before the term was defined by the German Sustainable Building Council.

Parquet covering on top of a hot water underfloor heating

MEISTER parquet covering on top of a hot water underfloor heating.

Parquet flooring surface finishes

Our surface finishes with high quality oils or varnishes accentuate the respective wood's character and provide permanent protection. Special finishing methods, such as the brushing, liming and smoking of woods, make it even more expressive.

Ökotest: Test report rates MEISTER parquet PD 400 naturally oiled lively oak with "Good"

In a test, the Ökotest magazine assessed MEISTER parquet flooring PD 400 Cottage naturally oiled lively oak with the overall rating "Good".

Wood grading

No one piece of wood is the same as any other. Depending on the surface, from harmonious and calm to distinctive and lively, we put together selected woods for our gradings. Find out more about them here.

Real wood surface finish

The surface finish is an important aspect of the quality of our products. This involves a great deal of technology, applied through the three varnish and oil surfaces developed here by us. All the variations are carefully developed and, of course, made in Germany.