Lindura wood flooring | Lindura – a strong character.

Opulence is Lindura Wood Flooring

There really is nothing more powerful than an idea that turns into reality. This is most certainly the case with MEISTER’s Lindura range we have available at Paveezzi; the idea and its development was all performed in-house, helping MEISTER live up to its name as an innovator in the industry. Using a technology involving wood powder, your regular wooden flooring is transformed into a unique and stylish high-tech wooden flooring.

The innovative process that’s behind the production of Lindura is unlike any other, and allows the finished product to present itself as superbly rustic in its looks while boasting an impressive strength. The combination of layers of real wood covering and wood powder comes together to create something truly unique that looks just magnificent. By using real wood there is a true sense of nature when one enters a room that has this flooring choice in place.  

Creating a true one-stop shop for our customers

The products that we have available don’t just stop at this fantastic example, either. If you’d prefer cork or laminate flooring instead, we can help you with that as well. Further to our huge range of flooring solutions, we also supply system panels that can be installed as walls and ceilings. We cater to countless different colour palates and tastes, to be sure to browse our entire collection.

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