Design flooring | Design flooring – 100% PVC-free

Design flooring perfect for your home or office

When it comes to imitation wood that looks and feels like the real thing, design flooring is top of the range. 100% PVC free, our new options from the DD 350 S collection are inspired by all the qualities we love from real woods, with the benefit of an easier installation and often a less expensive price tag.

Feel the difference

When it comes to imitation wooden flooring, many options don’t give the impression that you’re walking on real wood like our design range does. This is what makes this range superior to others- while it looks exactly like the materials it’s inspired by, it also has inbuilt structures that truly feels like the real thing too.

Designed for durability

Paveezzi is proud to stock hundreds of flooring options that offer superior quality to anything else on the market, and our design range is no exception. Coated in a top-of-the-range Puratec finish, this option will reap years of benefits due to its long-lasting durability and quality. When you install this into your home, office or retail space, there’s no need to worry about easily scuffing or damaging the material. Intended to be low-maintenance, resilient and easy to clean, Design flooring is perfect for any room with normal wear, such as homes, retail stores or offices.

Browse our showroom

Take a look at this range of Design flooring at our Abbotsford gallery to see how similar to genuine wood it actually is. Alternatively, you can browse all of our collections online and make orders through our services page, or call 1800 PAVEZI to talk to a friendly member of staff.